Editorial Services

I have over ten years of experience as an editor, teacher, and tutor of writing. For five years, I served as the founding and managing editor of the digital literary magazine Broad!; during that time, I also edited for the literary journals Front Porch Journal (now called Porter House Review) and Arcadia. More recently, I served as the managing editor and layout designer for the first anthology of the Lenguas Locxs Writers Collective.

Additionally, I have taught creative writing to inmates and children, as well as rhetoric and composition to university students. Currently, I work as a writer and editor in content marketing, while writing fiction and editing a variety of projects on the side.

Services & Rates

Whether you’re looking for detailed line-level editing or developmental guidance on big-picture issues like structure, shape, character, or voice, I would be happy to help you with your manuscript!

I work primarily with fiction and creative nonfiction, but also have professional editorial experience in marketing, academic essays, application materials, and blogging.

The editorial services I offer are as follows:

Developmental and Substantive Editing ($45/hour)

Another way you might think of this is author coaching. I would meet with you one-on-one via video chat to discuss my edits and your goals for the manuscript, having read your work and written substantial, in-depth feedback in advance. In developmental editing, my goal is to understand your vision for the manuscript and help you achieve that.

Line Editing ($35/hour)

Here, I focus on content, clarity, rhythm, and syntax on the sentence level. For this type of editing project, I would return the manuscript to you with extensive, detailed comments and (as applicable) sentence edits. I would also be happy to meet one-on-one via videochat to discuss my suggestions further.

Copy Editing and Proofreading ($27/hour)

This type of project focuses strictly on mechanics: spelling, grammar, formatting, and anything else necessary to ensure that the manuscript is ready for publication (or submission, as the case may be). You would receive a corrected manuscript, formatted to your needs and ready to send out.

If you’d like to talk more about a potential editorial project, you can contact me here.