The Professional

Currently, I work as a writer, editor, social media manager, and content marketer. Before this, I served as a college lecturer, administrative assistant at multiple universities, independent bookseller, blogger, and volunteer instructor.

My previous work experience includes cashiering at a store that sold everything from rugs to socks to machetes; selling bath products and, later, women’s fashion; freelance newspaper reporting; shopping for strangers’ groceries; delivering mail; fulfilling interlibrary loans; coordinating academic departments; moving furniture; teaching children, incarcerated women, and college students how to write; selling vegetables at the farmers’ market; and editing and overseeing a variety of literary journals. In another life, I ran for the library board of trustees.

The Personal

Bread baker, candlemaker, karaoke person, and dance machine. Prone to telling overly detailed stories and taking too many cat pictures. Currently writing a collection of essays and a speculative novel.

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